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3-hour session with analyst + Ebook

  • Advanced trading instruments (funds, derivatives)
  • Trading platform tools (market orders, timeframes, chart reading, advanced technical analysis tools)
  • Investing Strategies (buy-and-hold, value, growth, income)

The Pro Package covers advanced-to-professional lessons about various trading/investing tools and concepts, suitable for students with a financial market background. This course covers topics including advanced trading instruments and an introduction to cryptocurrencies.

Advanced Trading Instruments

This part of the course talks about more sophisticated and complex instruments, specifically funds and derivatives.
  • Funds – lessons about the different types of funds (basic) and the pros and cons of investing in funds.
  • Derivatives –lessons about the different types of derivatives, such as swaps, futures, options, and CFDs. This also covers lessons about the benefits and risks of investing in such complex instruments.
  • Commodities and Precious Metals – lessons about different commodities like oil, natural gas, and precious metals.

Trading Platform Tools

This part of the course talks about different trading platforms that the student can use as well as the tools found on the platform. This part will also talk about the importance of using tools like market/stop orders and timeframes for the success of a student’s trade.

Investing Strategies

This part of the course talks about the different investing methods that the student can use if he/she decides to take a long-term approach, as well as the pros and cons of each method. Strategies include:
  • Growth Investing
  • Income investing
  • Value investing
  • The buy-and-hold approach.

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