The year 2005 was the year Profit-Class kicked off its mission: to educate and help traders get the most out of the financial markets with the help of the booming cyber space and internet technology—an affordable alternative to getting business and financial degrees in universities.

The years following the company’s foundation served as a period for growth and expansion, with the company being joined by more experts and talented financial strategist that raised the bar higher for online trading education.
Through the years, the demand for Profit-Class’ services spiked and now still continues to go up. Hundreds of traders benefit from the holistic trading education found in our course packages.

Our vision is to let these traders access the lucrative financial markets by providing them with useful insights and performance-based training sessions and education. Traders of all levels—from beginners to professionals—currently seek our course packages for their growth and self-reliability when it comes to trading.

Profit Class provides digital classes headed by expert and professional analysts with the goal of spreading useful insights about the investing world. The company upholds the principle that investment should be an educating endeavor, helping even the absolute beginners on the field to improve their abilities to find good investments.
The company offers educational sessions to all kinds of traders and investors, whether absolute beginners or those who already have a good grasp of how the market works. Clients and students are given the chance to choose from different packages, which can help them hone their investing skills and guide them throughout their investing careers.
The company’s expert traders and analysts are experienced individuals who have taken up the task of educating aspiring traders. Each one of these experts have years of experience in different financial markets, offering clients a wider glimpse of the real investing world and preparing them for actual investing activities. Profit Class aims to provide the world-class courses and the most satisfying and educational sessions for those who want to become successful investors, setting the bar high for investment education and learning.

Our task is to provide you with financial education!

Knowledge of finance and ability to manage personal finances will allow you to accumulate wealth and to gradually increase their financial capabilities. You do not need to take out large loans to buy the necessary things. You will be easier to deal with problems such as buying a car and property. You will become calmer and more confident in life, will be less worried about the future.

Improving financial literacy – an ongoing process. Therefore we provide useful books and support professionals. Explore the world of finance, the result will not take long.



Richard Patterson

Senior Investment Strategist

Theresa Bentley

Head of Asset Management

Isabella Smith

Head Market Analyst

Gustav Leydecker

Chief Investment Analyst


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